...there are some rooms that have charm or a distinctive style all of their own and so I tend to keep the decor neutral and let the room speak for itself!
WENDY BAKER has written 8 Sketchbooks to date. They are used as reference books by many interior designers, design colleges and curtain makers around the world. The books, which are illustrated and have very few words, show clearly window coverings for all types of windows and have been designed specifically to make choosing a pair of curtains/drapes, blinds/shades, SIMPLE ..whether you are a decorator or a home owner trying to choose the right treatment for a certain window.....this is the solution to all your problem windows!

An international expert on interior design, with many years of experience creating truly inspirational designs for her clients, Wendy is sharing with you her incredible range of window coverings in her latest book, THE COMPLETE BOOK of CURTAINS, DRAPES, and BLINDS. Packed with all the information you need to create stunning designs – from curtain headings and fabric ideas, as well as blinds, panels, and solutions for all kinds of windows – this is an invaluable reference for everyone. It is easy to understand and will save you from making unnecessary and costly mistakes!
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